The client may deposit funds into the client account at any time during the course of this agreement. Deposits will be accepted by bank transfer, Bitcoins, Swift, E-wallet, debit / credit card or any other method of electronic money transfer (where the originator is the client) acceptable by the Company from time to time.
The relevant amount will be net of any transfer fees or other charges incurred by the Company that are imposed by the institution (or intermediary involved in the process) that holds the funds.
The Company will not accept third party or anonymous payments of funds in the client account (without derogating from the paragraph below).
The client accepts that the funds shall be deposited in his/her trading account only if the Company is satisfied that the sender of the funds is the client or his/her authorized representative (unless legally consented inter alia, Trustee, POA or guardian). If the Company is not satisfied as to the above then the Company has the right to reject the Funds and return them to the remitter net of any transfer fees or other charges incurred by the Company, using the same transfer method as the one through which it originally received the funds.

Withdrawal instruction or Payment Order Instruction is received from the client through his/her trading account (for security purposes) to request a withdrawal.
The Company will ensure that the withdrawal request by the client includes all necessary information and the following checks must be performed:

  • Client has sufficient balance in his/her trading account.
  • Client has sent to the company his full Compliance documents https://platform.coin-banks.com/my-account?banking#compliance
  • The account must be traded before the principal withdrawal is permitted
  • SAAT (Algorithmic Semi-Automated trading account) –No withdrawals for 3 months from the deposit date and active trading for this period of time.
    500 USD (or equivalent)- 2’500 USD (or equivalent).
    PTP (PAMM Account Trading Program) – No withdrawals for 6 months from the deposit date and active trading for this period of time.
  • From 2’501 USD (or equivalent)- 10’000 USD (or equivalent)
    FAAHS (Fully Automated algorithmic high speed crypto Account program) No withdrawals for 12 months from the deposit date and active trading for at least 12 months.
  • From 10’001 USD (or equivalent) and above

Without derogating the above mentioned, withdrawals approval shall be made per the site procedures and will take up to fourteen (14) banking days or as determined by the billing services provider of the site or the longer between the two. In the case that the Client wishes to cancel a withdrawal request, the Client can do so only with respect to the withdrawal request that was not completed and to which a withdrawal confirmation was not yet sent and not a request that was already executed. In case more than one withdrawal request is sent by the Client, and afterwards the Client requests to cancel part/all the withdrawal orders, the earlier withdrawal order will be cancelled, and so forth.

In the case that the client requests the funds to be withdrawn from his account and to be transferred via a different method from the original deposit, the Company will then send the Client a new form to approve the method of withdrawal by the client.

The Company reserves the right to request additional documents such as recent utility bill, additional ID and reference letter.

The Company will affect withdrawals of client funds, upon an application for withdrawal made via the Company Online Trading System (if available at the time).

The client accepts that withdrawal of any part of the funds shall be concluded using the same transfer method and the same remitter as the one which the Company originally received the Funds from. Under such circumstances, the Company shall return the funds requested minus any transfer fees or other charges incurred by the Company.

The Company reserves the right to decline a withdrawal request of the client asking for a specific transfer method and the Company has the right to suggest an alternative.

Withdrawals will only be effected towards the client. The Company will not to effect withdrawals to any other third party or anonymous account.

The Company reserves the right to request additional information and/ or documentation to be satisfied that the request is indeed legitimate. In addition, the Company reserves the right to reject such a request if it deems that the request may not be legitimate and/or potential fraudulent activity. The client accepts that under such circumstances there may be a delay in processing the request.