Coin-Banks is one of the leading names in Forex trading since 1999, but getting here didn’t come easy. Coin-Banks, a company that started with nothing, during one of the most negative economic crises in history, managed to develop their small, but successful trading platform into a global online trading platform. At Coin Bank, we believe it was not luck that got us here, but our honest business reputation, our dedication to our clients and our open-minded approach to business and trading. These are the values we have worked to maintain throughout our company’s history.


Coin-Banks has taken every precaution to earn your trust and ensure that your Bitcoins and profits are always safe. We are always looking for better strategies for our investors to use to grow their capital, test new methodologies and if they meet high standards that we demand then they will be offered to


Coin-Banks has devised a unique trading strategy that can produce an extremely high return in less than two months. We harvested a large amount of data from the world’s largest exchange rates by trading volume, from 1999 to now and loaded the data into a multi-functional model that we have developed. The trading strategy developed from the data has produced highly lucrative results. The average trader invested and made over 2,000 trades. The total cumulative profit showed an extremely high return on the amount invested.


PAMM Accounts was introduced into our company to give traders the opportunity to work closely with a PAMM Account Manager to make a larger profit without investing a huge capital.


Coin-Banks introduced bitcoin trading onto our platform! Bitcoin has experienced enormous growth year to year making it a new and exciting strategy to grow capital. Like anything connected to the markets there is still risk but that is why we have chosen to offer trading with Cryptocurrency.


Still Going Strong, almost 20 years down the line and we are happy to announce that we are better and more successful than we ever thought we would be. We have the highest returns and profits in the industry as well as have the most qualified of brokers to handle

A little bit about us

Coin banks is considered among the leading trading platforms and had been proven successful even during economic crises and unfavorable market conditions. Since 1999 we have gained a respectable and honest reputation as one of the most transparent firms out there.

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  • Full-Featured FX Trading Platform

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  • Fully Managed PAMM Accounts

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We work and operate with a variety of financial institutions to be able to provide the most favorable terms for our clientele.


This is our most advanced and financed department that is constantly looking for investment opportunities that have a high yield to provide as assets on our platform.

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Market data is continuously updated at high speed to ensure perfect accuracy.


We are an international corporation which offers banking solutions for a wide range of clients, account, payment methods and gateways. This makes solutions and being able to tailor an account for a clients needs very easy and quick.